Madox, Henry

Henry’s Army career started as a Cornet in 1800 and he reached the rank of Captain in 1805. After Quatre Bras during the Battle of Waterloo, he was ordered with three troops of cavalry to Genappe to help carry the wounded infantry back to Brussels. On 18th June, he commanded the right squadron of the Inniskillings in the charge, and during the last stages of the battle took command of the regiment due to the death and wounds of senior officers; he was promoted to Bevet (acting) Major as a result of his actions. He was promoted to full Major in 1817 but placed on half pay in 1825. However, he was placed back on full pay in 1833, promoted to Lt Colonel, also in 1833, and on to full Colonel in 1838.

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  • In the bottom left hand corner of this window is an image of the Waterloo Medal, the first campaign medal to be issued to the British Army.

    By A J Morley (04/08/2023)

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