Nooth, John Mervin

The exact date of birth for John Mervin Nooth is uncertain. Nooth’s memorial inscriptions states his age to be 38 years old by the time of his death.
In April 1797, it is documented that he purchased a commission as Lieutenant in the 7th Foot regiment.1 However, there is a public notice in the London Gazette, dated July 1798, of Nooth purchasing a commission as Ensign in the Halifax Volunteers.2 This is assumed to be outdated as it was also announced that he purchased a commission as Captain the September of the same year.3 Nooth’s career coincided with the French Revolutionary War and Napoleonic Wars.  

As a member of the 7th Foot (2nd Battalion)4, Nooth served in the Caribbean, namely the Bahamas, aiding the advancement of British colonial interests. Here he was embroiled in the 1809 invasion of Martinique by Vice-Admiral Cochran and Lieutenant Colonel Beckwith. While the British defeated the French, the Black soldiers of the 1st West India Regiment are often not represented or remembered in this history.

He transferred to Spain and took part in the Battle of Albuera (1811) during the Peninsular War.5Major Nooth took command after the death of Colonel Myer. He was awarded a Brevet Lieutenant Colonel (1812). He later accompanied H.R.H. Duc de Berry on his return to Paris after the Napoleonic Wars in 1814.6 The 7th Foot was disbanded, and Nooth transferred to the 21st Regiment. He was awarded Companion of Bath (1817). Under his command, the 21st Regiment embarked for Barbados in the March of 1813 where they remained until 1821 before moving to Guyana (then Demerara).

The cause of Nooth’s death was declared as yellow fever and was noted in both the Bath Chronicle (25/10/1821) and London Gazette (17/11/1821). His will announced that his son Henry Mervin was to inherit his property, real or personal.8

Reviewed by Lisa Kennedy, Consultant, 2023.

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