Tudor, William

Born in 1769 he was a surgeon at Bath General Hospital from 1806 to 1836, and Governor in 1806. He was also Deputy Inspector of Hospitals, an army surgeon, and surgeon to the Prince of Wales. In 1816 he reported on the state of Bath prison. He married Dorothy Fenwick who died in 1823. He lived at 24 Gay Street and at 5/6 Queen’s Parade. His association with the city council includes being a councilman (March 1808 – 1835), constable (1808 – 1809 and 1813 – 1814), bailiff (1810 – 1811 and 1815 – 1816), alderman (May 1828 – 1835), and mayor (1828 – 1829).

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  • Hi Peter,
    Thank you for your comments. We have updated the information on William’s page.

    Best wishes,

    By Kate Evans (28/08/2023)
  • On first page about residence – William had Kelston Knoll built and moved there 1835 till death 1845.

    By Peter Turnbull (25/08/2023)
  • After first wife Dorothy died, William married Julia Purvis Eyre (1798-1890).

    By Peter Turnbull (25/08/2023)

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